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A picture of the boy.

A 12-year-old boy who killed his mother has been removed from his home, China National Radio reported on Thursday on WeChat.

He killed his mother with a kitchen knife on the night of Dec 2 after she beat him for discovering he had stolen and smoked all the cigarettes she brought home from banquets.

Because the boy is under the age of 14 and hasn"t reached the age of criminal responsibility, a number of special measures will be taken in his new residence.

The boy will be placed in the joint custody of his guardians and local public security offices, the education bureau, and town government, according to the report.

Psychological counselling, legal guidance and other measures will also be taken.

He will attend school in an area where his identity is unknown.

Having been in custody for several days for stabbing his mother to death, the boy, from Yuanjiang city in Central China"s Hunan province, was released without punishment.

On his release, his relatives wanted to send him back to school, but were met with opposition from the parents of other students, who voiced their fears the boy would commit further crimes at school.

His father said in an interview on Wednesday that he only saw his son once or twice a year, and was unable to care for him.

He said he hoped that government would help the boy continue his education.

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