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h different kinds of casual clothes. The variety of colors available makes it easy to mix and match with other fashionable items. Some people prefer a single color, while others like to stack them up with a variety of hues and designs. Actually, wearing these colored rubber bracelets aren’t just for the purpose of being trendy. The fact that they look great as arm candies is just a bonus. These colored rubber bracelets are mainly sold for a cause, and different colors convey various meanings. Causes, however, cannot claim exclusive rights to any particular color. Because of this, quite a few colors may represent more than a single cause: RED/PINK The color red has been used by different organizations to show support to certain causes. Usually, red is used to symbolize aids awareness. But aside from that, foundations that show support for people with heart disease also use red rubber bracelets to bring their message to the world. In addition to that, red can also mean awareness of child abuse. On the pinkish side, the hue represents breast cancer awareness. This is probably one of the more famous campaigns that have been done with the use of colored rubber bracelets. Blow in the main meanings of red rubber bracelet: AIDS or HIV Awareness Blood Donor DARE (or Drug Abuse Resistance Education) DUI Prevention Epidermolysis Bullosa, which is a group of disorders characterized by the appearance of skin blisters from very minor injuries Heart Disease             rubber-bracelet-meanings

of custom wristbands has become main stream and nearly everyone has at least one. There are some for diseases, which when sold, proceeds are donated to research for a cure of the disease. Another type of band is the inspirational type. These bands usually have words of encouragement on them. Finally, the last type of band is one that just raises awareness of a global cause. Some of the recent global causes that have these bracelets are the fight against global poverty, the fight against AIDS, and the battle against racism. There are all kinds of other rubber bracelets now. Including glow in the dark ones that are pretty nifty. There are mixed color rubber wristbands that are sometimes red, white and blue for American pride and supporting our troops, or rainbow colored for gay pride. There are camouflage ones also for supporting our troops and even tie dyed rubber bracelets are out there. There are also multicolored bracelets that have team colors for all major NBA and MLB teams. Do you want to custom camo wristbands?You can make your own choice at www.24hourwristbands.ca.             personalized-bracelets-for-boyfriendteam-bracelets-custom

bracelets are easy to acquire, easy to customize, and can be quite cheap to produce, letting you save on costs in the process.  This is a good thing because if you’re coming up with a big event, you’re going to need quite a number of wristbands to giveaway. But are personalized rubber bracelets just souvenirs for your event? Hardly. Because you’re going to use custom rubber bracelets, they are excellent for use in the field of marketing as well. Getting custom bracelets There are different kinds of bracelets out there. Out of all the kinds you can use though, silicone bracelets are the sturdiest you can find. Just how sturdy? They stretch and bend and fold along with the wearer because of their material so that means they won’t easily break. They’ll even last well after the event.  Apart from their sturdiness though, silicone bracelets are easy to print on so you should be able to use whatever design you have in mind. Should there be restrictions to what you can use, your supplier will tell you anyway so you can modify your design to fit the bracelet you are interested in. If you’re going to be using personalized rubber bracelets for marketing purposes, best to make sure that all logos and texts are properly used according to your company’s branding guidelines. You want people to recall your brand right? Then make sure that they recall your brand as they should. Not some lopsided logo and misshapen texts that someone can barely read. A rubber bracelet may be a simple object design rubber braceletsbut it can have quite the effect on your marketing efforts. Buying custom bracelets As personalized rubber bracelets are fairly commonly used, there are a lot of suppliers out there who can fulfill your rubber bracelet needs. Just make sure to compare rates and samples first as much as you can so you can weed out those who do good work from those who do great work. The general rule is that as the quantity of your bracelets rise, the price you will have to pay for production should drop. Because you’re banking on getting your bracelets customized, check with the minimum number of pieces that suppliers will require for every order so you can enjoy customization.             copd-rubber-bracelets

Debossed colorfilled silicone wristband. This is a kind of wristband debossed and filled with colors. It has a debossed effect on the surface of wristband .The important difference from a normal plain wristband is that we make one mould for every design to make it debossed engraving. When it is extruded the silicone , the logo will be on the wristband. Finally we will fill it with the silicone based ink which is long lasting. we can personalize the wristband size as well. The normal size is 202mm length for adult, 190mm for women, 180mm for youth and 150mm for child. The width can be 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm or 25mm. If these not fit you, then you probably need to pay extra for certain size. There are 4 styles mainly. They are solid, swirled, segmented and glow.   personalized-plastic-braceletspersonalized-memory-bracelet

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